Different types of hotel rooms

Different types of hotel rooms

Hotel rooms may be divided due to the number and type of beds.

Single room (SGL) – a room for one guest, with a single bed. Depending on the standard of the hotel, the living area may vary from 8 to 14 sqm.

Twin for sole use – a room for one person, with two beds. 

Twin room – a room for 2 people. A characteristic feature is that it has two single beds. The term “twin” will also be used for multi-person rooms, in which there is a larger, even number of single beds.

Double room (DBL) – also a two people room, but with one double so-called king-size bed. In the USA the rooms often have two large double beds.

Triple – a room for three guests, usually with three single beds.

Quad – a room for four people.

Dormitory rooms – a type of room with many beds (often bunk beds), rented for different guests. These kinds of rooms can be usually found in the hostels and are much cheaper than regular ones.

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