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How to find cheap flights?

Because of the high price of the flight tickets, every traveler wants to find out how to fly cheap.
By knowing these tips you can save up to several hundreds! So, how to find cheap flights?

  • Time is the most important factor here. We can find the low cost flights only when we look for them much much earlier. Don't count on good last minute deals like with the travel agencies. The airlines are a completely different animal. The carriers prefer to save a few empty seats on the plane. In such case they can sell them to people who have to travel at a certain time. The cheapest ariline tickets can be found several weeks before the planned journey. It's best to book just when the new connection sellout begins. This is when the carriers fill up the place and want to lure the customers to their services.

  • The carriers are perfectly aware of our travel habits and they know how to turn that knowledge into profit. The airlines agents have observed that flights are usually purchased during weekends. This is the time when we gather with family and friends. This is also the time when we plan our trips and holidays. That's why there's no way we'll find cheap deals on weekends. Try booking your flights on Monday morning. Middle-of-the-week prices are much more likely to be discounted. Especially when booking in the morning or before noon. It may occur that the cheaper flight will be a few days before or after our desired dates. Be flexible and take other days into account. It may be that the price difference will be very attractive. If we change our start date, we may save some money for other expenses or fun things to do.

  • You're asking yourself what to do not to miss the opportunity and find good deals cheap flights. The best policy is to watch closely the airlines that offer low prices to their customers. The budget airlines as we call them don't guarantee top standard onboard of their planes. However these are the airlines that will provide the lowest fares on the market between various cities. In the New Zealand the most popular budget carriers are the Jetstar Airways. When you're planning to visit the land of Oz, you might want to check out the Air New Zealand, Emirates or Qantas airlines which also service those routes. If you already know how and when to search for cheap flights, let's move onto the next question: where to find them?

Where to look for cheap flights?

There are three most popular ways of searching for cheap flight tickets.

  • The first method of gathering information regarding when and where to buy cheap airline tickets is the social network. Joining a group devoted to traveling on budget can give us a lot of sources of information. The users of social network happily help each other by sharing their knowledge and posting links to current deals. The bigger the group, the better chances to find some interesting tips. The downside of the social networking is the imperfection of the source. We never know what destinations will be discussed and when. However you can use it to find an unusual holiday or a city break. This source will be useful if you don't have a strict plan and want to visit a new place.

  • Another method is observing a selected airline. You can go to the carrier's website and subscribe to a newsletter which will bring great offers directly to your mailbox. There's also a dedicated smartphone app that will send you notifications regarding the best deals on flights to various destinations. Unfortunatley this method limits our chances to one carrier only. You can visit multiple websites and check the prices of different companies, although it's very time consuming. Sticking to only one airline makes sense only when you have an Air-Pass. This option allows you to buy several cheap flights with one carrier. Such loyalty is also rewarded by many bonuses.

  • Search the Web and you'll find websites that will easily help you find cheap flights in your desired destinations. They're called low cost flights seach engines and they're not hard to find. The engines do the job for us, flicking through the websites of many carriers and collecting data. By doing that, they can offer us plenty of choice. We'll be able to check when can we fly to Christchurch or when to book tickets for Auckland to Wellington route, both with low cost airfares. By joining the newsletter you don't only get the info regarding new offers and discounts. You'll also be notified about price cuts on your chosen flights. At first it might seem overwhelming how the search engine works, but it enables easy flight reservation.

How to search for cheap flights?

To check flight tickets available for the selected dates on eSky, you should first determine some basic data.

  • Specify where you want to fly by typing your destination into the search box. You might be presented with a selection menu should you type a city with multiple airports (i.e., Auckland). You might then select one or all airports from the list. Departure is selected according to your location, however, you might select a different airport or even all airports within the country. Consequently you'll have to specify departure and return dates. You can specify if this is one- or two-way reservation. Interestingly, we also provide you with a multi-stage route option. Here you might plan stopovers on your trip. It is a perfect way of planning single day visits to the cities. To be presented with flight offers you have to complete filtering your search with a number of tickets you are booking and desired class.

  • After clicking on the magnifying glass symbol and just a couple of seconds you can browse through offers from different airways. They will list details such as departure and arrival times, flight duration, the logo and name of airline providing service. You will also see if this is a direct flight or should you prepare for stopovers. We made sure that It is clear what is the price for each flight. There are additional options for every flight. You can check what type of entertainment, food and baggage options you can expect. Type of aircraft can also be checked here.

  • It might happen that the scores list is quite long and hard to browse. In this case you can further filter it using several options. For example, you can select only direct flights or only one stopover. If you would like to fly a morning flight you can also select that type of filter. For loyal users you can narrow the search to one airline. One of the best options is certainly +/- 3 days, after choosing that option you can see the cheapest flights within 3 days of your chosen date of departure. It is sometimes worth to reconsider your departure date as you can save a lot by changing it. For example, flying from Auckland to Wellington you can shave off 20% of the original cost if you change departure by one day.

  • How to book cheap flights with eSky?

    Ticket reservation in eSky's search engine is very simple and intuitive. When you select the flight that interests you the most details of that flight will show. Prices will be clearly separated, so that you can see the exact costs of different parts of that flight. There are additional options to buy different types of insurance, including health insurance. Next step requires you to provide your personal data according to your identification. After that you will be able to select preferred payment method. It can be a transfer or credit card payment. You are also presented with online check-in option as well as additional services package.

  • Do eSky offer flight tickets reservation only?

    Our search engine is a complex device offering multiple services conneted to flight travel. We prioritize ticket reservation and purchase. The search engine gathers information not only from cheaper airlines but also from the more established ones. That allows easier planning of your trip, especially taking into consideration how many filters you can apply to the search. Additionally, our service contains large database of accomodation around the globe. You can use it to book a hotel or room to your standard. Moreover, we will support you through renting a car should you wish to do that. We provide a separate bookmark with sales, additional insurance options, transportation from airports and nearby parking reservation.

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